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I was really lucky to find a team of professionals. This blog is here for any parent who wants to make their yard gorgeous with the addition of a new fence.

Trying To Fence In Your Dog? Some Things To Consider

24 October 2017
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You are the proud new owner of a pooch. Yet, you really want to put your pup outside during the day so that he/she does not have any accidents while you are away. Okay, but that usually means you need a fence contractor for dog fencing. There are some very special considerations required when you want and need to put in a dog fence. Dogs DIG Dogs dig a lot! The more bored they are with being outside in the yard without you to play with them, the more they dig. Read More …

5 Tips For Maintaining A Wrought Iron Fence

20 October 2017
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All fences need routine maintenance to keep them in good shape. But wrought iron fencing is a different beast from other types, and it should receive special love and care from a homeowner. Don't worry; caring from a wrought iron fence is easy. And when maintained correctly, iron fences can last 60 years or more. Here are five tips for taking great care of your wrought iron fence. Protect from Rust Read More …

Options For Your Residential Chain Link Fence

18 October 2017
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If you have decided to have a chain link fence put up, then you should learn about the different options that can come with this type of fencing. You may think that there is only one type of chain link and that it can only be installed one way, since this may have been mostly what you have seen. But the truth is that you do have options that allow you to choose a fence that will better suit your preferences and needs. Read More …

Four Factors That Effect Fencing Estimates

17 October 2017
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Putting in a new fence around your property is an exciting project. It can make your property more attractive while also providing extra privacy. As you begin your search for a fencing contractor, you may be surprised at the wide spectrum of fencing estimates. If you are wondering why you are getting wildly different estimates from several contractors, here are the factors that could be affecting the total cost of your new fence: Read More …

3 Fun Ways To Use Fencing To Extend Outdoor Activities For Kids

15 October 2017
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Not everyone has the luxury or desire to have a huge yard for the kids to go out and play in. If you have a small yard and are looking for ways to increase the activities that your kids have to do while playing outside, you can utilize the wall-space on your fencing to give the kids a few more things to do. Here are a few ideas to help inspire you to transform your fencing into another activity for your kids: Read More …