Hardwood And Vinyl Fences

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Hardwood And Vinyl Fences

19 December 2017
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Adding a fence to your property, even if it is just a short, decorative picket-style perimeter fence, can have a lot of benefits. First of all, it is going to make the area inside the fence more secure. This is vital if you have children that play in your yard. A fence can also have a big impact on the style of your property. It can basically frame your yard and make your entire home look more put together. Most people imagine wood picket fences, but this article explains why fiberglass is a great alternative.

Fiberglass Looks Like Wood

The first thing people want to know about fiberglass is what it looks like. That is, almost every fiberglass fence is going to have some sort of fake wood detail. Even the most affordable fiberglass products will have wood textures, even if they are just painted one solid color. More expensive products will have wood texture and a multiple color tone print that looks like exposed wood. These are meant to look like stained wood.

When you're looking at these products in the store, you will be able to immediately determine that they are not actual words. However, this doesn't mean they can't look very convincing when the fence is installed. That is, most people probably aren't going to get up close and personal with your fence, touch it, and examine it closely. So, they might never notice that your fence is not actually made out of real wood. In the end, it comes down to your personal opinion of the individual styles and brands.

Fiberglass is Easy to Keep Up

Regardless of how good or bad you think the wooden prints on fiberglass look, you will definitely appreciate their durability and the low maintenance of the material. That is, even homeowners who don't necessarily love the way that fiberglass looks are often still happy to install it because they want a low maintenance material. Fiberglass is waterproof, which means that it is very easy to take care of over the years.

A fence is obviously going to get wet almost every single day, so it needs to be able to stand up to all of the moisture. Wooden fences usually deteriorate over time due to moisture damage. Fiberglass is going to last much longer, and you are going to don't need to spend much of your time and money to protect it from the elements.

It is easy to see why fiberglass is a perfect fencing material. Contact a local fence contractor for more information and assistance.