How To Dig Post Holes For Concrete Footings

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How To Dig Post Holes For Concrete Footings

25 March 2018
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If you're going to install a fence in your yard and the post need to be set directly in the soil, it should be a manageable project. When it comes to installing a fence, the setting and installation of the post is the most difficult part of the entire process. Most modern fences have modular designs that mean that the majority of the pieces can be attached to each other very easily, with minimal power tools or cutting. So, if you can learn how to properly install fence posts, you can probably handle the rest of the installation quite easily. This article explains how to set fence post directly in soil.

Digging the Holes

You're going to need to start off by digging the holes for your post. To create the strongest post, you should pour concrete footings underneath the soil. The depth of your footing should be about half as deep as the fence is going to be tall. So, if you're going to have a 4' tall post, you should have about 2' of post underneath the ground, set in the concrete footing. In this example, your best bet is to dig your hole about 3' deep. And then buy a post that is at least 8' tall. This way, you can have about a foot of wiggle room when it comes to making sure all of your post are the same height once the posts are set.

It's not going to be very easy to dig all of your holes the exact same depth, especially since your ground is probably not perfectly level. The trick for creating strong concrete footings is to pour and mix the concrete and water directly in the hole. Don't mix them together in a bucket. This way, you can set the posts in the hole, pour the water and mixture in around the post, and then stir them together. As the concrete dries, you just need to prop up the post to make sure it doesn't shift. Using a level, you can double check to make sure that the post stays straight as the concrete dries.

Once all your concrete is dry, and the post are set, you can measure them and cut off the top very easily. This way, all your posts should be the same height, and you can move forward with the rest of the fence installation.

And as you can see, this project is quite simple. The work is obviously not very technical or difficult. Contact a service, like F & W Fence Company, Inc., for more help.