Six Important Factors When It Comes To Planning Out Your Fence Installation

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Six Important Factors When It Comes To Planning Out Your Fence Installation

28 February 2023
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Having a fence installed on your property can offer numerous benefits when it comes to security, safety, aesthetics, and more. There are numerous factors you need to take into account to ensure that your fence installation project goes smoothly.   

The following are six important factors when it comes to planning out your fence installation

The property line around your yard

It's essential that you know the exact location of your property line if you are having a fence installed around or near your property's perimeter. You can get in trouble if you put up a fence that crosses over onto a neighbor's property. 

If you are not sure of where your property ends, do your research and try to track down a past property survey before you schedule fence installation to begin. 

The budget you're working with

One of the first steps of a fence installation project should be determining what your budget is. Your budget will influence the fencing material you choose.

Once you have a budget established and you have chosen a fencing material, you should get quotes on your fence installation from a few different contractors to compare your options.  

The fencing material you choose

The best fencing material for your project depends on your budget and the reason why you're having a fence constructed. Fencing material options include aluminum, wood, chain link, vinyl and masonry. Be sure to consider the various pros and cons of all these materials to figure out which material is best for your needs. 

The schedule for your fence installation project

Putting a fence up is typically a relatively quick project. However, fence construction still often takes more than one day, and larger fences naturally take longer to install.

Think carefully about when you will have your fence installed. Choose a time frame for installation when there won't be any activity in your yard that interferes with the progress of your fencing contractor's work. 

The permitting requirements in your area

You might be required to have a permit in order to construct a fence on your property. Permitting requirements vary by municipality. In some areas, only fences of a certain height or length require permits. Take care of any permit requirements before your fence installation begins. 

The fence contractor you hire for the project

Research fence contractors in your area to get quotes on your fence installation. You should consider not only the quote amount of various contractors, but also the availability, warranty offerings, and past customer reviews of the contractors you're thinking about hiring for your fencing project.