Why PVC Fencing May Be The Best Option For Your Yard

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Why PVC Fencing May Be The Best Option For Your Yard

29 December 2022
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PVC fencing offers homeowners an option to traditional fencing with some significant benefits you may not want to ignore. There are some essential things you should know before PVC fencing installation, but if you are looking for a low-maintenance solution that looks great and is durable, PVC fencing material might be for you.

PVC Fence Flexibility

A PVC fencing installation is an excellent way to put in a new fence that looks great, offers the versatility you are looking for, and does not require much maintenance. The installation is not much different than wood fencing, and many DIYers find they can put up the entire fence themselves with a little effort. 

The PVC material is strong and light and can withstand a lot of abuse, and when the fence gets dirty, a pressure washer will remove the dirt from the surface. While the fence does not need painting to maintain the look, the PVC allows painting if you want to change the color. 

For people looking for colored fencing, tinting PVC products are available, making it easier to get the look and feel you want from the start.  

Professional Installtion

PVC fencing installation is available from fence companies that will provide the fence, lay out the posts and rails, then put the entire system together for you. When you are ready to have a new fence installation, you may want to start by having the fencing company come and assess your property, then give you a quote for the work.

The PVC fencing installation time will vary based on the yard size, but the system goes up quickly, and using a professional installer to do the work can speed up the process. Most contractors will bring a crew and any equipment necessary to dig the post holes, and for a small yard, they can often put the posts in place in a single day. 

After the posts are in, the fence panels are installed to close the yard. If you need to have a gate in the fence, it is vital to discuss this with your contractor to ensure the posts are laid out to accommodate the support necessary. 

It is essential to discuss any potential issues with dogs or other pets in the yard and the fence. If you need the fence to sit low enough to the ground to stop a dog from crawling under it, let the fencing installer know so they can see the panels lower, or pour a concrete footing around the yard's perimeter and set the posts into it. The concrete footing will stop a dog from digging under the fence and offer plenty of support for the PVC fencing installation around your yard. 

For more info about PVC fencing installation, contact a local company.