Fence Repairs That Get Your Wood Fence Ready For Spring And Summer Storms

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Fence Repairs That Get Your Wood Fence Ready For Spring And Summer Storms

26 April 2021
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If your old wood fence is showing signs of age, you may want to have it repaired before spring and summer storms cause even more damage to the fence or knock it down. A fence repair professional can make an old fence sturdy and attractive again as long as it isn't so deteriorated that it can't be saved. Here are some fence repairs that could keep you from having to buy a new fence.

Repair Posts That Wobble

The strength of a wood fence depends on the strength of the posts that support the panels. A strong storm could take down a weak post, and the post could take part of the fence down with it. If a post leans or wobbles, it might need to have the old concrete busted up and new concrete added to the hole so the post is tight in the ground. If the post has rotted, the repair person might attach a smaller sister post to it to provide extra strength and stability.

Tighten Loose Pickets

When nails back out of the pickets, the pickets get loose and easy to damage. Some pickets may even be cracked or missing. Loose pickets can be tightened by nailing them to the rails with new nails. A cracked picket might be repaired with wood filler or epoxy. A picket that has a lot of damage may need to be pulled off and replaced.

Strengthen The Rails

The rails of your fence support the pickets, so the rails need to be sturdy and straight to stand up to strong winds in a storm. If a rail is rotted, the fence repair person might add a rail above or below the bad one. A rail can be braced if necessary, but a rail that can't support the fence may need to be removed and replaced with new wood.

Replace Hinges

Besides fence repairs for deteriorated wood, the repairperson might need to replace the hardware on the gate. Gate hardware can rust or get loose, and that makes the gate hard to operate. New hinges not only hold the gate more securely, but they can make your fence look better too.

Pressure Wash The Fence

If your fence has turned gray, has vines caught in it, or is dirty and drab, pressure washing could help. If your fence also has structural problems, the repair person might need to strengthen the fence so the pressure washer doesn't knock it down. Even if the fence is structurally sound, the repair person uses low pressure on a wood fence so the fence isn't damaged.

Cleaning the fence doesn't make it stronger against storms, but it makes your fence more pleasant to look at so you can postpone replacing it. Pressure washing gets rid of dirt and stains. The silver patina on the fence can also be carefully removed with a pressure washer so your fence is more attractive and looks newer with the natural color of the wood and grain showing again.