Chain Link Fencing: The Best Backyard Solution For Your Rental Home

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Chain Link Fencing: The Best Backyard Solution For Your Rental Home

7 October 2020
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You have a rental home, and you want to put some money into the property, but not so much that you actually end up putting more into the investment than you'll get out of it. Fencing the property is just one way to add value to your rental property and bring in the right clientele, and chain link fencing is the best type of fencing for the job. Find out just why chain link fencing is the best backyard solution for your rental home.

You don't have to put in a lot of money

There's a reason so many homes have chain link fencing in their front or back yards: chain link is affordable and easy to install. If you don't have a large budget but you want to fence the yard to make your rental home safer or to make the property more appealing to family or renters with pets, then chain link fencing can be your ideal solution.

Remember this as well: whatever investment you put into your rental home you can recoup as a tax write-off. The cheapest chain link fencing installation should cost you around $5 or so per foot, with costs going up from there. Keep all receipts for tax purposes.

You make your rental home more appealing

Some of the features renters look for when renting a home is a fenced yard. Whether they want a fenced yard for their own personal privacy or because they have children or pets, it's wise to install chain link fencing around your rental home to make your property more appealing to renters all around. You can have a longer list of applicants when your home is more appealing for a rental property.

You lessen your liability

Putting chain link fencing around your rental property can help lessen your liability. As the homeowner, you have what is called premises liability over your head should something occur at your rental property. If a dog comes into the yard and bite a renter, for example, or a neighbor gets injured wandering through the yard, you can be sued under the premises liability clause appropriated to your homeowner's insurance for lack of having a fenced yard. Simple chain link fencing can help make your liability less because you have taken proper measures against accidental intrusion or injury in your home.

Being a landlord means having a great home for tenants to live in. For this reason, adding chain link fencing can be a big benefit to you in many ways. For more information about chain link fencing for your property, contact a local fence contractor.