Want To Foster Or Breed White Tail Deer? How To Prep For Their Arrival

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Want To Foster Or Breed White Tail Deer? How To Prep For Their Arrival

26 September 2018
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If you are interested in the breeding and fostering of white tail deer on your property but you aren't sure if you can do the fencing and preparations on your own, call the experts so you can get the work done quickly. You want to be able to get the fencing installed, and a barn constructed, so the deer have a safe place to graze and play. Here are some of the things to get ready before the deer arrive to the property.

Proper Fencing

Have the fencing contractors come to your property to do an evaluation of where the fencing should go and how you can provide a space where the deer have plenty of room to both wander and graze. You want fencing that will keep them in without harming them if they attempt to get out. This means fencing with thin wire mesh netting if you are worried they will get through a traditional fence. Also get divider options that you can use when there are animals in heat or that don't get along with the others.

Property Prepped for Nutrition

Make sure that your property is prepped for nutrition. You want to use non-chemically treated options to help improve the growth of the grass to make sure that it is plentiful for the deer. You also want it to be long, lush and thick so they can make beds. Talk with local agriculture experts to find out what improvements you can make to the grass to make sure that it's rich in nutrients.

Shelter for Food and Water

Although deer in the wild would find their own shelter, you can put up a small shelter area with a barn. There are premade structures that you can purchase and put on the property, or you can have a small one built by a custom builder in the area. Food and water can be placed in this area to keep it clean and dry.

Consider putting trees throughout the property as well so the deer can wander and treat the property like they would out in the wild. If you can put the fence around trees and other things in nature that the deer would be used to encountering, this would be ideal. Get estimates and find out what everything will cost so you can start setting a budget and a plan for the incoming deer so they can be healthy and happy. For more information, contact local companies like Straight Shooter Game Fencing