Four Factors That Effect Fencing Estimates

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Four Factors That Effect Fencing Estimates

17 October 2017
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Putting in a new fence around your property is an exciting project. It can make your property more attractive while also providing extra privacy. As you begin your search for a fencing contractor, you may be surprised at the wide spectrum of fencing estimates. If you are wondering why you are getting wildly different estimates from several contractors, here are the factors that could be affecting the total cost of your new fence:

Type of Fencing Material

With all of the different fencing materials to choose from, your contractors may be giving you estimates on the least expensive or most expensive or anything in between. Surprisingly, wood fences are often more expensive than PVC, while brick or stone fences are the most expensive. Your contractor could also be giving you a quote based on materials that he/she finds from recycled building materials stores. Unless you are very specific about the type of material you want for your fence, the estimates could be all over the map.

Depth of Installation

Most fence posts are installed only as deep as is required by the manufacturer. If it is the practice of a fencing contractor to install posts much deeper to make the fence sturdier, your estimate goes up. It is not just the depth of the excavation and the time commitment to it. It is also the fact that the posts are at least three feet longer than usual, making them more expensive and making the project more expensive, too.

Individual Contractor's Hourly Rates

Contractors are their own bosses. Ergo, they can charge what they like for their services. This is a big factor in the estimate of your fence, as one contractor may charge over a hundred dollars an hour, while another will only charge sixty dollars an hour. This is also the primary reason why you will want to shop around for a contractor rather than hire the first one you find to give you a fencing estimate.

Special Construction Requirements for Your Area

Someone building a fence in the Midwest pays less for the exact same fence in Florida. The reason often has to do with location and special building requirements. In this example, the Midwest does not get battered by hurricanes, whereas Florida does. There are special building and construction codes in Florida that help homes, fences, and the like remain standing after a hurricane. Hence, the higher fencing estimate than if you lived elsewhere.