3 Fun Ways To Use Fencing To Extend Outdoor Activities For Kids

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3 Fun Ways To Use Fencing To Extend Outdoor Activities For Kids

15 October 2017
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Not everyone has the luxury or desire to have a huge yard for the kids to go out and play in. If you have a small yard and are looking for ways to increase the activities that your kids have to do while playing outside, you can utilize the wall-space on your fencing to give the kids a few more things to do. Here are a few ideas to help inspire you to transform your fencing into another activity for your kids:

Shoot Some Hoops

There's no need to install a full-size basketball hoop in your backyard. Instead, you can mount a few smaller hoops on the fence and make it into a game. Simply hang multiple hoops on the fence and create a scoring system. The higher the hoop, the higher number of points it is worth. This can help with the development of hand-eye coordination as well as counting and math skills.

Do Some Planting

There are two ways that you can use your fencing to encourage your kids to learn about plants. You can create a vertical container garden and you can use the fence to create a garden care center.

To create a vertical container garden, you simply find fun things that will hold soil and can be hung. Things like old rain boots, buckets, and even old dump trucks can be hung on the fencing and transformed into potters. Just poke a small hole in the bottom of the potters that you create so that some of the water can drain out and the plants won't get drowned.

To create a garden center, simply hang a few hooks and shelves on the fencing. This will become a place for your kids to store their gardening equipment, like the shovels, gloves and watering cans that they need to take care of the plants growing around your yard.

Get a Little Artsy

A giant chalkboard can be the perfect solution for the little artists in your family. Giving them a large space for them to express themselves in a way that won't land them in a timeout and you scrubbing the walls inside your home.

All you need for your giant chalkboard is a thin sheet of plywood and a bucket of chalkboard paint. Add a few brackets and screws to hold it on the fence and you have just created an artistic outlet for your kids.

Your fencing doesn't have to mean an end to the play space – instead, it can extend it and give your kids even more things to do while outside enjoying the fresh air. Contact a company like Mills Fence for more information and assistance.