Just Get A Dog? Keep Them Safe With A Nice Looking Fence

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Just Get A Dog? Keep Them Safe With A Nice Looking Fence

4 October 2017
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Having a dog requires you to have some additional responsibilities while at home. While you want your pet to enjoy some time outdoors, you also want to keep them in a fenced off area that looks nice. Here are some ideas for dog fencing that won't be an eyesore in your backyard.


Many homeowners prefer to use aluminum for their fencing material because it is sturdy and safe for dogs, yet won't completely enclose an area of your yard. Your dog can run around freely in a fenced off area that uses aluminum material, and it will not obscure the view either looking in out. The fence can also easily withstand a dog jumping against the material.


You may want to go with a wood fence because that is what the majority of your neighborhood uses for fencing material, However, you do not need to be stuck with the plain look of a wood fence if you are not a fan of the aesthetics. Consider adding a lattice top to a wood fence to give it some more character. In addition to being a nice accident to a wood fence, it increases the overall height of the material if you are worried about your dog jumping over it.


Own a dog that you are worried about chewing up the fencing material? Vinyl will be a great alternative for those dogs that are especially tenacious. The best part about vinyl is that it can simulate other materials that you love the general look of, but not come with the potential downfalls of the material.

Since vinyl won't rot when it come in contact with the ground, you can give added protection to a dog that loves to dig by burying part of the fence beneath the ground level. The alternative solution to partially burying the fence would be to install a thin strip of concrete beneath the ground level along the perimeter of the fence. It will be enough to stop the dog from digging one they hit the hard surface.

Chain Link

While the look of chain link fencing may seem a bit plain, know that you can always alter the material by placing colored metal slats between the material. It will provide additional privacy if you need it to stop your dog from barking at neighbors, and give some color to an otherwise basic looking fencing material.

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