Tired Of Watering By Hand? How To Prepare For Your New Sprinkler System

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Tired Of Watering By Hand? How To Prepare For Your New Sprinkler System

26 September 2017
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If you're still watering your lawn the old-fashioned way, with a garden hose, you're wasting time and money. Your garden hose may get your lawn wet, but it's not doing it in the most efficient manner. The fact is, if you have a lawn, you need a sprinkler system. Your new sprinkler system will water your entire lawn, and do it without wasting water, or making you stand in the yard to do so. If you've decided to install a sprinkler system, here are four steps that will make the process go much more easily:

Choose the Right System

Before you install sprinklers in your yard, you'll need to choose the right system. If you value your time, and your money, you might want to consider a smart system. This type of system will allow you to access your sprinklers via remote-control, which means you'll be able to control your sprinklers when you're away from home. This type of system also provides soil monitoring, which allows you to set your sprinklers to only come on when your soil dries out.

Mark the Utilities

Once you've chosen the type of sprinkler system you want to have installed, you'll need to have the utilities marked in your yard. Marking your underground utilities will prevent accidents while you're installing your sprinklers. If you accidentally cut through your underground utilities, you could be left facing serious injuries, and high repair costs. Most utility companies will charge you for the cost of repairs if you damage their lines during home construction projects. You can protect yourself, and your wallet, by hiring a company to come out and mark the utility lines before you begin the installation of your sprinklers.

Map It Out

After you've had the utilities mapped out, and you know where everything is, you'll be able to map out your sprinkler system. This is an important part of the process. To use your sprinklers efficiently, you need to have a precise map for where the system will go. When designing your sprinkler system, be sure to allow for expansion of your landscaping. For instance, if you have an area of the yard where you plan to add new landscaping, be sure to extend your sprinkler system to that area.

Have It Trenched

When it's time to install your sprinkler system, you'll need to dig the trenches. These trenches will traverse your entire yard, following the path of your new sprinkler system. You could dig the trenches by hand, but that can be backbreaking labor, especially with a shovel. The best way to prepare the trenches for your new sprinkler system is to hire a professional. They'll come out and create trenches for the sprinkler system, and they'll protect your yard, and underground utilities while they're at it.

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