Learn How To Restrict Access To Your Storage Facility As Easily As Possible

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Learn How To Restrict Access To Your Storage Facility As Easily As Possible

20 September 2017
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When you own a storage facility, it is your responsibility to make sure that no one can get into the facility without your knowledge. A great way to do this is to have a gate installed at the entrance to the facility to limit access to the grounds. Learn what things to take into consideration when choosing the gate, you use for your storage facility.

Consider a Gate that Rolls Rather Than One that Simply Lifts

There are some gates that consists of just a small arm that lifts and lowers as cars go through the gate. The arm is made from breakaway material so getting into the facility would not be difficult for someone to do if they really wanted to do it. A large rolling fence that is made from chained link is a better option. The fence rolls on a track and is operated by a gate opener that moves the fence automatically when the proper access is authorized.

Choose a Gate Opener that Requires Customers to Scan a Card

There are many different types of gate openers you can choose to use at your family, but one that requires clients to use a card that you issue to them is the best option. Each card will be registered to each storage unit. When the card is scanned, it will be documented in a computer system and then the gate will open. If something happens while the person is in the facility, you will know who to contact for a witness statement or for possibly committing a crime if one takes place.

Choose a Gate You Can Lock Yourself

If you have a facility that is only accessible during certain hours of the day, be sure to choose a gate that you can lock manually with a separate lock that you put on the gate before you leave each day. You can then remove the lock when it is time to open the facility, but it will ensure that no one goes into the facility when they should not be going into it.

Be sure to monitor how often people come in and out of the facility to see if you notice any suspicious behavior. Be sure that no one is allowing people into the facility who should not be getting into it. If you notice on the security cameras that people are letting in multiple vehicles without moving things in or moving things out of the facility, you can contact the customer who rents a unit from you and let them know to stop the activity right away.